To keep downtime to a minimum a variety of options are available:

Phone support (at no charge) is available 8:00 – 5:00 EST Monday to Friday for general enquiries.

Our technicians can assist you in keeping your equipment running by identifying the problem as quickly as possible and offering a solution. Most cases can be resolved by phone. Skype/webinar viewing and Telediagnostics (for some machines) can also be made available to assist in determining and resolving the problem. Spare parts can be dispatched once the problem is determined.

General repair work or warranty repairs of RMU machines are done at our facility by our trained technicians. Spare parts and machines are located at our facility to enable us to repair and test your machines quickly and efficiently. This service provided by our experienced technicians, coupled with Reggiana Macchine Utensilis’ (RMU) track record of almost thirty years of providing dependable machines can ensure that units shipped to our facility can be repaired promptly and returned for minimum downtime.

Contact us for cost and availability of rental machines to ensure that production can continue while your machine is repaired or serviced. (or check box on Technical Assistance form)

If you require technical support for your RMU machinery, please fill out this form to assist us in a faster response in identifying your problem: Technical Assistance Form