Millennium UNO Electronic Controller


PC Programmable with ZEUS Millennium software allows for operations after disconnection from a PC. The Millennium features a backlit double row display and presents the ideal solution for integration within automated production lines. The Millenium controller is for single marking program only.

Marking Specifications:

Marking Functions: Text in linear, radial, & mirrored
Serial numbers & batch runs
Date, hour, & calendar codes
Shift codes & custom codes
Logos & drawings in .dxf format
Programming Tools: Instruction guide on display
Preview & diagnostics
Fonts & Codes: 2D Data Matrix & OCR codes
Dot matrix font 5X7 & 11X16
Continuous line font
Custom fonts; true type based
Communications: USB
TCP/IP port for TCP/IP Extended Protocol ONLY
Production Line Functions: Automatic repeat of programs in loop with .txt files
Accessories: Start/Stop Remote Control, powered by battery
Weight: 1 Kg