Scribe Marking Technology

Mark directly into the material; even the hardest steels. The mark (text, logo) is produced by a carbide stylus that penetrates and scores the surface of the part. The scriber produces deep grooves to form a continuous line (for each character), and guarantees a permanent mark of the highest quality. Scribing technology is selected mostly for applications when noise level limitations are imposed. For example, marking on a huge tube could be considered noisy with a microdot machine, whereas a pneumatic scribing marker is a low noise marking solution. Scribing technology is also called a "drop and drag engraver", and other times "scratch marking technology"
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  • Microdot Brochure
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RMU Marking Machine characteristics:
  • Robust machine for scribing hollow cylindrical and inclined surfaces
  • Low noise levels
  • Scribe marking with air pressure as low as 1 BAR
  • Cost effective compact design marking heads
  • High Quality continuous mark
  • Products are continually improved and upgraded, so product features, designs and/or specifications are subject to change without notice.