FTouch Bench Top Marking

ECO - 95 x 20mm

The ECO is an easy to use, off the shelf marking solution for low volume, manual loaded marking requirements. Keypad with backlit display allows for quick input of alphanumeric text, setting of character height, mark speed, mark depth (stylus travel), simple serial numbers, and choice of 5x7 dot peen or continuous line font. The marking area of 95 x 20mm allows for up to nine lines of automatically adjusted text. No PC or air supply required. Clamp or fixture your part using the slotted base, set the column height (with over 200mm of vertical adjustment), key in text, size, depth, (on the keypad) and push the start button to mark your part.

Brain EVO Panel Mounted

Instructions shown on side cover

Marking Specifications:

Working Area: 95 x 20mm
Stylus actuation available: Electromagnetic
Operating Software: Internal
Weight: 7.9KG