Microdot Marking Technology

Microdot marking is achieved by using compressed air or an electromagnetic stylus. A Tungsten Carbide stylus repetitively hits against the part surface to produce a succession of dots to generate an image. This type of marking technology provides a permanent traceability solution capable of marking text, digits, logos, symbols, true type fonts and data matrix (2D codes).
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  • Microdot Brochure
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RMU Marking Machine characteristics:
  • Robust marking machine for marking smooth, irregular, cylindrical and inclined surfaces
  • Fast marking; over 10 characters per second
  • Direct part marking for light and deep marking applications
  • Marking of plastic to hardened steel
  • Cost effective dot peen permanent part marking
  • Marking machine technical service and support
  • Products are continually improved and upgraded, so product features, designs and/or specifications are subject to change without notice.