Laser Marking Technology

RMU Laser Marking Machines generate images on various surfaces by using a laser beam. The laser beam is amplified and directed through a digital galvo head with a flat field lens. The surface of the material can be processed by engraving, etching, annealing, as well as plastic foaming and colour bleaching. The galvo head scans the laser beam onto the surface of the work piece and produces complex graphics such as true type fonts, logos, 2D matrix (data matrix), QR codes, bar codes and various symbols. RMU’s laser engraving is able to fulfil industry marking standards by building a laser engraver where high performance and quality laser marking methods are required. The different laser models available are well suited for marking a wide variety of materials, such as metal, plastics and organic materials.
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The advantages of using RMU industrial laser marking machines are:
  • Digital galvo head and auto calibrating mirrors permit the Laser Marking Equipment to be integrated
    into a multi- axes work cell, capable of withstanding vibrations and shock
  • Anti reflective shielding enables the Laser Engraver to mark shiny or reflective materials
  • Marking on the fly allows for line part tracking for high speed laser marking
  • Telediagnostics provides real time remote analysis of I/O status, system diagnosis, and training sessions
  • Marking Laser Technical Service and Support