RMU has developed the latest technology for real time Telediagnostics for many of their machines. An intuitive PC based software allows the diagnosis of the marking machine firmware and hardware. The PC software permits a live view and interactive interfacing for the troubleshooting of the marking system. Upon connection, a certified RMU technician can detect system faults and provide possible solutions, facilitating unnecessary down time and allowing the dispatch of crucial spare parts, if required. Also, Telediagnostics permits the technician to take full control of the marking system, to troubleshoot communication problems through the TCP/IP, RS232 and RS485 interfaces; the diagnosis will simulate the transmission of data through each of the communication ports and therefore confirm the controller operation, and eliminate erroneous faults generated by 3rd party devices. Remote assistance provides the ability to program the machine from offsite and also makes it possible to provide a remote training session when it is most convenient to schedule.

RMU Remote Telediagnostics System Ability:

  • Live remote assistance (internet connection required)
  • Live telephone asistance
  • Schedule remote assistance, preventative maintenance notices
  • Access to system error codes: past and present
  • System and general input and output test
  • Communication port test
  • Simulation of data transfers test
  • Testing of motors, sensors, stylus and pneumatic valves
  • Testing and programming of additional axes: Z and W
  • Firmware and software updates
  • Configuration of controller
  • Remote loading of fonts, logos, and various marking files
  • Remote programming
  • Remote training session

  • Note: Customer requires the following to establish internet communications: A PC with an Ethernet port and a High Speed Internet connection.